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Institut Imagine (Paris) will coordinate a Horizon Europe-granted project on genome editing approaches to treat sickle cell disease

The university hospital institute Imagine (Inserm, AP-HP, Université Paris Cité), also labeled Carnot Institute, will coordinate a project funded by Horizon Europe, the European Union’s key funding program for research and innovation for the period 2021-2027.

The project “Assessing efficacy and safety of genome EDITing approaches for Sickle Cell Disease” (EDITSCD), led by Annarita Miccio, laboratory director at Institut Imagine, was selected in the call “Tools and technologies for a healthy society (2021): Next generation advanced therapies to treat highly prevalent and high burden diseases with unmet medical needs”.

EDITSCD, involving eight academic and industrial partners*, aims at assessing the efficacy and safety of genome editing approaches for sickle cell disease. The project will benefit from a European Commission funding of 6,001,250 euros and co-funding of 917,485 euros from Swiss State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation.

Press release

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